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You see her – she walks into a room and just radiates – she does not have the best dress on – the latest purse – the perfect figure and a credit card swipe won’t buy what she is wearing – what is it?  Do you own it? CONFIDENCE!

One of the most powerful and sexy traits a woman can wear is confidence.  It follows you into the office, at time home with family and friends, to the grocery store and sits with you during your alone time.  It comes with you (or missing in action) in everything you do.  It has a very positive affect on life, business and others if you own this powerful trait.  Confidence is kind – compassionate and welcoming not cold, nose up and harsh.

What Does RICH Really Look Like?

What is a rich life?  My perception of RICH has changed drastically as I get older and have transitioned from corporate America to owning my own business.  Rich is no longer associated strictly to tangible dollars for me – it is so much more?  How do you define rich?

This past week I heard Amy Westbrook speak at our Glendale Girls Club Professional Development luncheon on her specialty “MONEY MOJO.”  Her talk stirred up a lot of thoughts surrounding wealth for me.  I have adjusted my ratings scale and extra zeros don’t add up like they used to.  Look around… there are so many people that society defines as RICH that are EMOTIONALLY BANKRUPT!  There is such a misconception that money is the only metric for success.

Busy, busy, busy…react, react, react…Is this LIFE?  Well, for many of us it is.  We design overwhelm.  We also have the power to design fulfillment.   You can have a full life and brilliant success, but it is about strategy, choices, clarity, focus and deliberate daily practices to get out of the noise and activate a life you love vs. regret!

Let’s do the work to get you to a place you can sleep, breathe, be happy and rock your SUCCESS & LIFE!  You have a BIG LIFE – don’t wait for the unravel – be committed to a BIG & FULFILLED OUTCOME!  We only get one shot at this beautiful thing called our life!  The sad part is majority of ladies will barely take the time to SEE IT – let alone DESIGN IT and BE IT!  BE THE EXCEPTION!  LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT FOR!

BLOOM by TIFFANIET is a personal and professional development strategy program for the woman serious about taking control of her life vs. her life controlling her!

2 Hour Signature Workshop For The Ladies of The Office

As we all know, overwhelm leads to less productivity, creativity, teamwork and service.  Let’s get the ladies of the office together for coffee or lunch and this powerful 2 hour workshop will drive results.

The Workshop Touches On:

The Ultimate Ways to Stop Overwhelm

Life & Work | Having The Two Talk

Team Vision

Team Unity

Time (Daily time study | Daily method of operation established)

Releasing Fear

Thinking BIG


I have approached my vision before with poster board, glue disaster, scissor hands in action with no real set intention.  However, at 40 I wanted a multi-dimensional vision.  One that was not just flat with imagery, but would take on dimension and life through activation.  It needed to breathe, have portability and not hid in a closet, basement or drawer because it looked like a first grader drafted my future.   I owned my vision and wanted something I could display in my house fitting for an adult space vs. college room dorm.  The TIFFANIET BLOOM Vision and Strategy book provides a strong tool for our designing phase.

Convertible Mercedes, sexy lover, trip to Mediterranean… PAUSE – Dive down to your deeper desires – it might be MORE sleep or taking the first steps to leave corporate America to pursue your passion and purpose.  We are going for AUTHENTIC DESIRES. Now, I do have space for LUXE in your vision, but our focus will be on depth vs. shallow fillers.  We will not spend hours flipping through magazines.  Our life in not inside Cosmo – it is REAL! I find the design starts more we WORDS – then you will seek imagery to match your thoughts.

In the design process we address:

  • Commitment
  • Legacy | Purpose
  • Happiness | What really matters?
  • The Power 3

The book builds upon key circles of life:

CONNECTION (Family, friends, associates, community, tribe, support and people you want to meet)

BLISS (What really makes you happy?)

VITALITY (Health, energy, mind, body, spirituality, confidence and self care)

SUCCCESS | Opportunity & Abundance (Career, passion, goals, wealth, prosperity, retirement, charity and professional development)

EXPERIENCE | Lux (Travel, environment, wants vs. needs, luxury)

The design process is constantly evolving and not done in one setting.  It is based on a 12 month visual window and shapes our GPS points.



A few hours from your normal routine to dedicate to your future.  Our primary focus will be pieces together your LIFE DESIGN book.  It is time to make your dreams a reality vs. just thinking about them!

  • Unlimited email access for questions and support for 30 days
  • The Results Map book
  • Pre-work for effective use of time – to be submitted 48 hours prior to the strategy day

*Customization based on YOU, YOUR DREAMS & GOALS



You and me…we are going to spend the day together and dig our heels into designing your life with fulfillment.  This is not about sipping champagne and day dreaming (okay we might have one glass to celebrate your accomplishment).  However, this strategy day we are going to roll up our sleeves.  We are going to DEEP DIVE into your life and strategize for results.

This is the DESIGN phase where we build your vision and strategy through the signature BLOOM VISION AND STRATEGY BOOK. ESCAPE is also introduced into the design phase to take you out of your everyday routine to FOCUS ON YOU and eliminate the noise of everyday life.  Remember, we must SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP!

Let’s talk about what this book is all about.  Hummm…So, it is like a vision board? Think deeper, we don’t live a Cosmo life, so we are going to keep the Cosmo clippings aside.  We are going to align with your authentic self vs. material set in the design phase.  In addition, strategy is incorporated to get you THINKING BIG.  BIG in a way that meets fulfillment and truly LIVING a life you love versus just thinking about it.

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