What is a rich life?  My perception of RICH has changed drastically as I get older and have transitioned from corporate America to owning my own business.  Rich is no longer associated strictly to tangible dollars for me – it is so much more?  How do you define rich?

This past week I heard Amy Westbrook speak at our Glendale Girls Club Professional Development luncheon on her specialty “MONEY MOJO.”  Her talk stirred up a lot of thoughts surrounding wealth for me.  I have adjusted my ratings scale and extra zeros don’t add up like they used to.  Look around… there are so many people that society defines as RICH that are EMOTIONALLY BANKRUPT!  There is such a misconception that money is the only metric for success.

Happiness is a powerful currency

A friend of mine recently introduced me to her mother who is just approached retirement.  She made the comment, “She does not have a dollar to her name right now.”  However, I saw a woman that was extremely RICH in my eyes as she played with her grandchildren, working at a small job that fuels her passion and a smile that screamed wealth is so many ways.  I want her bank account when I reach retirement I thought?  She is packing millions in smiles.  My own mother also represents the largest bank account I know! I admire your currency ladies!

I LOVE money honey

Now, don’t get me wrong – I have a huge appreciation for the $.  You truly can’t put out your best self into this world if you live in scarcity.  Money fuels dreams, provides us security, experiences and the ability to help others.  I LOVE MONEY!  I also love happiness.  The past year as I went from a corporate paycheck deposit to growing my own business I have really learned to OWN and embrace my metrics of a RICH LIFE.  I have adjusted my ratings scale.  The equation is so much bigger than counting dollars – I count fulfillment, time with family and friends, smiles, peace, love and more… I am designing my life on my terms that is RICH and through by brand BLOOM I assist other ladies in doing the same – SEE IT. DESIGN IT. BE IT.

Sometimes the investment is too much… 

Be careful that chasing the $ does not chase you to being empty in everything else.  Deposit, deposit, deposit and never able to cash out is a bad equation.  However, passion and doing what you LOVE can fill your bank account emotionally and literally the quickest.  I continuously subscribe to the famous thought – do what makes you HAPPY and the money will follow.

Can you have both?

Open your eyes – the streets are filled with “millionaires and billionaires” you just might not find them all at the at 5-star resort or boarding a private jet.  But, then again you might as there are many rich people in life and dollars.  HAPPY people normally naturally operate to a high level of success that also bring in tangible rewards.  The two metrics of emotional and tangible wealth complement each other well if respected.  So, the great part is you can have both!  I applaud and admire people that navigate brilliantly tangible and emotional wealth.  Some famous names that represent this well include Sir Richard Branson and “oh so amazing” Oprah jump to the top of my admiration list.  They also use their wealth in an unselfish manner to help fulfill the dreams of others.

So, the next time you ask yourself, “Am I rich?” THINK long and hard about the answer and the key ingredients that make for a RICH – REWARDING and WEATHLY LIFE!

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