KimberlyCirclep22Tiffanie is one of the most dynamic and passionate women I know, driven to make a difference in every life she is in front of. Tiffanie establishes trust quickly and continues to exceed any expectations. She is an amazing force to be reckoned with.

KIMBERLY ALEXANDER | Founder of The Results Map and The Grow Grid Programska INC

  The principles espoused by Tiffanie Trenck in her efforts to encourage and assist professionals to “see it, design it and be it” travel hand in hand with the most fundamental of leadership efforts.  John Maxwell, our nation’s foremost expert on leadership development has said that “True leaders do not recruit followers, they develop more leaders. ”  At its core, that is what Tiffanie has committed her life to by developing the self leadership skills of other professionals.  Her relentless enthusiasm for what life has to offer anyone who is willing to make the commitment to chase it, can restore the visions of our own lives that we all had as youngsters when we had the temerity to dream.

RICHARD BROWN | President & Cofounder of Professional Resource Enhancement

Amy Westbrook  I love being in the presence of Tiffanie!  Her positive outlook and spirit uplift and motivate me!  Her vision work is something that she not only teaches, but practices.  With that, she has an ability to help you see a future greater than you might be able to imagine on your own.    I love too that she takes the traditional vision board into the 21st century with her GlaMOREous Vision Books – something you want sitting out and keeping top of mind!


1  I meet a lot of people on my travels as an online marketing and business trainer. To know Tiffanie Trenck is to love her. She has created tremendous success in business and I love her passion for equipping others around her to achieve more. If you have the opportunity to be mentored by her…or work with her personally, you will be very blessed. She is a superstar…and can help you to maximize your own personal potential.

jULIA  Tiffanie has a heart of gold and a soul of determination.  She led my Ambassadors of Compassion group. Together, she led a group of eleven through a RISE program.  RISE is teaching younger adults the key straits of being RESPONSIBILITY –  INITIATIVE – SERVICE and EXPECTATIONS.  She taught all of us 8th graders materials that we will hold onto for life over the course of a few months!  She touched all of our lives!  She always focuses on helping others and I admire that about her.  Her leadership skills are through the roof!  She genuinely cares about everyone she meets and everything she does in life.  Tiffanie helped me this year a lot. I have gone through some hard times this year and Tiff helped me through the bad times and darkness.  You know the people you meet once in a life time?  Tiff is one of those people!  Never is she selfish and never is she not thankful. She is someone that you could talk to for a few minutes and feel a connection.  She is full of inspirational stories and learning lessons.  She is a brave women.  Oh how Tiffanie is on a road to success.

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“As owner of the Swan Group Brokerage I was impressed with the amount of detail and dedication that Tiffanie displayed in putting together our retreat.  I was expecting to do part of the preparation to help pull off this event, although instead, I was pampered and enjoyed the retreat as much as my team members. The entire Retreat was over and above any of my expectations. Cannot wait to do a retreat in 2017!”   Sandy Swan – Owner Swan Realtor Group Brokerage

“Wow was I impressed with the job Tiffanie did at our retreat!  She was able to blend team building in such a fun atmosphere and I am looking forward to her planning events for us in the future.  Prepare to be blown away!”  – Andrew Ford, Realtor

“Tiffanie is not only professional and the top of her field, but personable and fun.  Her attention to detail is amazing and she is passionate about what she does!  I highly recommend her for team building/event planning. We not only had a Beaver Creek team building experience we shall never forget, but have made a wonderful friend, as well.” – Dee Waldorf, Realtor

“I had the pleasure of working with Tiffanie on our Swan Realtor Group retreat in Vail, CO.  Tiffanie was beyond organized, and had so many great ideas to keep us engaged and really learning so much about not only each other, but ourselves.  I left the retreat knowing myself, my team and my plans for 2017 so much brighter than before I started.  Tiffanie is the epitome of the PERFECT host, she is charismatic, funny, smart and so much fun to be around!  I am thankful for the time spent with Tiffanie and so appreciate all the tools I was able to walk away with!” – Desiree Schwalm, Realtor