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Tiffanie unlocks vision and success strategy by providing a platform for women to accomplish their rewarding dreams and create a life and business built on THEIR foundation for success.  She offers a refreshingly NEW approach to personal and professional development that veers from the traditional through a modernized vision and strategy process.  After 20 years of progressive sales experience working in leadership roles for ClubCorp, Sequoia Golf, PGA of America, 24 Hour Fitness and American Golf at the height of success Tiffanie made a bold leap to owning her own business and dream.  She is committed in her life to the fullest and extends a powerful platform for other ladies to do the same.  Her boutique style custom mentorship, workshops and retreats are high in transformation, connection and bold in direction resulting in ladies taking action to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE vs. just thinking about it!  SEE IT. DESIGN IT. BE IT.


My Why II

A lesson in life arrived to me on April 20, 1999 when my little brother was upfront and personal with the Columbine High School tragedy as a junior in High School at Columbine.  It was my first MAJOR awakening moment of how precious life is – we only get one chance – so, why not peel back those layers and truly embrace our best life now!

My Movement

Fast forward over a decade and I have transitioned from a successful 20 year sales career in the fitness and golf industry to owning my own company and dream.  My corporate path was good to me – I was good to it.  However, there is always MORE!  I am a proven leader in sales and have a true passion for building strong relationships and obtaining powerful RESULTS.  Although my sales career has been full of many outstanding triumphs, what fills me with the most pride is delivering a product of PURPOSE, SUCCESS, RESULTS and FULFILLED LIFE to other professionals.  I dreams BIG, surrounds myself with positive influences, I am grateful for what I have today and optimistic for what is ahead.  I have a mission to make every moment count as it unfolds to make TODAY amazing!


Serving II

I have a sign near my coffee station each morning that reminds me exactly what I set out to do each and every day “Work for a Cause Not for Applause!”  So very true…  My dedication to service started after Columbine working with an organization Rachel’s Challenge.  Rachel was the first victim of Columbine and had a strong message to START A CHAIN REACTION OF KINDNESS.  I was all about that message and spreading it like wildfire to our youth.  That organization introduced me to a special mentor that opened doors to service in building Character for our youth through a phenomenal non-profit organization Ambassadors of Compassion (AOC).  Their commitment is to equip youth for life through a character building platform.  I was one of three coaches to launch the first middle school program in the nation and just finished my second tour Spring of 2016.  My dedication to serving does not stop here…I am excited to SERVE YOU!

Work for a cause II

Things I love II

I absolutely cherish my time with family and friends! A walk with my family with the sun shining, belly laughs flowing, stories shared and memories in the making…that is all smiles for me. As a professional Aunt TT, I can’t get enough of three very special little people in my life.  I have gratitude on all levels for the amazing influencers I have in my life!

I am always in search of FUN and new adventures.  Being spontaneous is a good thing…impromptu weekends, road trips, hiking, summer concerts, outdoor activities, or jumping on a plane to a new or old destination always brings me a smile. The sun and the beach are a true match for me and I find myself frequently soaking in the SHINE.  I love to tap into to my creative energy by taking a ride on my pink cruiser bike PURE JOY…bliss.  Bottom-line, I LOVE helping people to life their best life personally and professionally!


  • Surprisingly to many, I love SIMPLICITY!  I travel well with a backpack, been know to sleep in my car (good stories there) and love a day without make-up!
  • Books I just LOVE – Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols, What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey, Onward by Howard Schultz, Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley
  • You will find on my playlist: A vibrant mix of tunes from Tim McGraw to Kid Rock, Kenny Chesney, Kenny Rogers, John Mayer, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, The Revivalists to Snatam Kaur
  • My favorite BLOOM: Stargazer Lily

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