You see her – she walks into a room and just radiates – she does not have the best dress on – the latest purse – the perfect figure and a credit card swipe won’t buy what she is wearing – what is it?  Do you own it? CONFIDENCE!

One of the most powerful and sexy traits a woman can wear is confidence.  It follows you into the office, at time home with family and friends, to the grocery store and sits with you during your alone time.  It comes with you (or missing in action) in everything you do.  It has a very positive affect on life, business and others if you own this powerful trait.  Confidence is kind – compassionate and welcoming not cold, nose up and harsh.

What Does RICH Really Look Like?

What is a rich life?  My perception of RICH has changed drastically as I get older and have transitioned from corporate America to owning my own business.  Rich is no longer associated strictly to tangible dollars for me – it is so much more?  How do you define rich?

This past week I heard Amy Westbrook speak at our Glendale Girls Club Professional Development luncheon on her specialty “MONEY MOJO.”  Her talk stirred up a lot of thoughts surrounding wealth for me.  I have adjusted my ratings scale and extra zeros don’t add up like they used to.  Look around… there are so many people that society defines as RICH that are EMOTIONALLY BANKRUPT!  There is such a misconception that money is the only metric for success.


January is not the only time for BIG goal setting. If you are like me, you will find yourself BLOOMING in the spring into another phase of goal setting. I love this time of year as it presents a FRESH approach to look forward, plan for the future, and eagerly anticipate what’s to come. But achieving your goals takes work and the success you hope to see next year in your business is largely dependent on the plans you make now. And yes, you DO have to plan. If you don’t know where you are headed you will end up going in the wrong direction. The following series of questions will teach you how to set achievable goals and map out a plan and timeline to reach them.

Can HOPE hold you back from GROWTH?

Spring is here and many of us will admit we water everything to grow but ourselves and our action steps.  I find life and business is a lot like the seasons.  I find myself naturally going a little dormant in the winter and come April it is time to BLOOM!  So, what are going to do to GROW?


This month I am focusing on a lot of perspective. As I am talking to entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations, I am finding that the word “Hope” continues to arise. I will also raise my hand that I have used it (bad word Tiff – bad).  We are a society that believes that the word Hope is a positive, enlightening word. It is, when used in the right context or situation. However, it can be a bit dangerous when we use it otherwise. Let’s explore.

The Balancing Act in Life & Business…Does it Exist?

The Balancing Act |Requires FLOW & HARMONY

Live the life & business you want by making the right choices


Balance. Balance. Balance.  A word we hear all the time.  Does it exist?  Can life really have equal parts? Some people claim it is an urban myth while others swear they live within a black and white box and find it every minute of each day. I have had several debates through the years on balance. What I have found is there is no right or wrong, but a matter of opinion and perspective. I am of the mindset the buckets within life and business will never have perfect equal parts.  Somethings will weigh heavier with the seasons of life. However, finding harmony and flow are the ultimate objective.  The point of exhale…  It might not be even, but it WORKS.  Lisa Nichols I think stated it best, “Balance is a myth.  Harmony is a must.”


3 Fundamentals for Creating the Life & Business You Want

Life can get crazy – STOP THE MADNESS & START THE WOW! Are you exhausted? Do you feel like you spend every day running just to keep up and still falling short? In our life today, we are expected to do and be so many things to so many different people it only seems possible to disappoint in one area or another. DO-DO-DO-REACT-REACT-REACT. If we focus too much on our careers our personal life suffers, and if we focus too much on family it seems we will not achieve the success we want – and then there are the household obligations, volunteer opportunities, health and fitness responsibilities, dating this (if single), oh and if there is any time left at all maybe you can find time to do something you want to do just because. My challenge to you is to think of life not in buckets of business, personal, etc., but as a whole. You only have one life and you get to choose what you make of it. The following three fundamentals will help you map out the life you want to live.

Before you can start living the life you want to live you have to make sure you have the right perspective and expectations. Too often, we don’t have realistic expectations of ourselves and over-commit to things that are physically impossible to achieve. Many of us strive to be over-achievers and fight with the limitations of time and our physical bodies to get them done. While challenging yourself can be a good thing it can also be demoralizing if you challenge yourself to achieve things that are unrealistic. The difference between seeing results and dreaming of them is perspective and the willingness to change and take action. Realize that you may need to change your expectations of what your perfect life looks like before you can find the balance you seek. Also remember, NO is the new YES – use it and be proud of it!  Come on try it out for size…NO, NO, NO!  Feel good right? Now, say YES to what really matters.

Once you have identified what you want your life to look like, it’s time to take action and start cutting the things that won’t help you get there and focusing more on the things that will. How many unnecessary tasks are taking up your time every day? Are the things you have committed to moving you forward or holding you back? You have to get real about the limitations of your time. In THE RESULTS MAP we us a boundaries to help get a clearer understanding of your time limitations and build in the activities you really want to have. Putting everything down on paper in front of you will help you gain a clear understanding of what needs to change.

With the right perspective and strategy in place you will start to see the results you want to achieve. But your results will be driven by your actions. You can’t expect to make temporary changes, or insignificant changes and see the results you are looking for. True change takes time, consistency and can be very challenging. However, as you work to end less productive habits and create new, effective habits you will start enjoying the rewards of your efforts. Don’t give in and never give up.



I know…I know…we all get it…Comfortable is easy.  The reaction mode is just…well…convenient.  We don’t have to do or think too much there.  95% of people park in this zone.  DO YOU?  BACK IT UP!  It is time to move your car in life and business!

However, the state of uncomfortable, planning, action, strategy…get you to the LIFE OF WOW!  I want YOU there.  All of us get one chance at this thing called LIFE and why not make the best of it!  YOU CAN!  YES, YOU CAN!