Spring is here and many of us will admit we water everything to grow but ourselves and our action steps.  I find life and business is a lot like the seasons.  I find myself naturally going a little dormant in the winter and come April it is time to BLOOM!  So, what are going to do to GROW?


This month I am focusing on a lot of perspective. As I am talking to entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations, I am finding that the word “Hope” continues to arise. I will also raise my hand that I have used it (bad word Tiff – bad).  We are a society that believes that the word Hope is a positive, enlightening word. It is, when used in the right context or situation. However, it can be a bit dangerous when we use it otherwise. Let’s explore.

What does Hope even mean?

The definition of hope is “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” Let’s repeat, “A feeling or desire.” Can you build a life you LOVE & business on a feeling or desire? My answer would be no. Hope may be what got you started, but certainly won’t get you to the finish line. You can Hope (and maybe even pray) that Hope will help design your life and business but don’t expect results from this mindset. Hope doesn’t land dreams into action, meetings into reality, develop projects, run the numbers or build relationships. Its good, honest roll-up your sleeves hard, smart, strategic work that gets it done.


Our words are powerful

You may have heard this before, but it is so important, I will say it again, “Our words are powerful.” Being mindful of self-talk can take you to the next level or send you backward. You set the pace on what, when, and why you want to achieve anything. Choosing the right words is just as important as setting a realistic goal, establishing a budget or developing the right relationships.

Stop hoping and start doing

Awareness is key to stop the self-sabotage and start setting yourself up for success. See the power in your words? The change in just one word can change your belief, your attitude, your mindset, your will and drive to go out in the world and get it done. Make it happen. Accomplish what you set out to do.

Yes, there is hope in the world, and hope is good. When it comes to your business, as Yoda would say, “There is no try, only do.”

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