You see her – she walks into a room and just radiates – she does not have the best dress on – the latest purse – the perfect figure and a credit card swipe won’t buy what she is wearing – what is it?  Do you own it? CONFIDENCE!

One of the most powerful and sexy traits a woman can wear is confidence.  It follows you into the office, at time home with family and friends, to the grocery store and sits with you during your alone time.  It comes with you (or missing in action) in everything you do.  It has a very positive affect on life, business and others if you own this powerful trait.  Confidence is kind – compassionate and welcoming not cold, nose up and harsh.

Let’s chat about the POWER of Confidence:


Are self-assured women perfect? HECK NO! They embrace their imperfections just as much as their strengths.  However, confidence is fueled by strengths, not the few extra pounds, bad hair day or temporary financial crisis.  A confident woman has a clear understanding that life nor self are perfect.  She also knows when to raise their hand for help.  Growing is asking and there is not shame is raising the red flag for HELP!


Confidence will show up with you at 6am on a Sunday at the grocery store with no-make-up, hair a mess and still in your PJs grapping that Starbucks morning jolt. But, like exercise you must work to build this mind muscle.  It is not a physical state, but a mental one.  Now, let’s be real – even the most confident gals have their moments of doubt – we are ALL human! But, genuine confidence a good face wash won’t take off!


Self-assurance shines bright when you own your choices, feelings, time, commitments.  Full ownership of outcomes – positive or negative.


Confidence is not selfish and helps, supports and lifts others.  A truly confidence lady is not threatened by others and admires and learns vs. competes and flattens.


As Elsa in Frozen would agree with me on this, “LET IT GO. LET IT GO!”  Don’t let your past cloud your future.  Confidence is forward thinking and does not get stuck on the negativity of what has already happened, but looks ahead to what is possible!


You know where you are going and how to get there!  CLARITY = CONFIDENCE


All the answers don’t need to be lined up, confidence jumps in and simply moves forward with ACTION.


by following these additional life practices:

  • Smile
  • Admit flaws
  • Say NO
  • Be prepared
  • Listen
  • Don’t conform
  • Support others
  • Live on purpose
  • Embrace your uniqueness
  • Ask empowering questions
  • Write your own rules and live life on your terms
  • Know your STRENGTHS and use them
  • Stand tall – speak your truth
  • Keep the vibration high
  • Say thank you – accept compliments

Confidence looks good on YOU!  Wear it well! – Tiffanie