You and me…we are going to spend the day together and dig our heels into designing your life with fulfillment.  This is not about sipping champagne and day dreaming (okay we might have one glass to celebrate your accomplishment).  However, this strategy day we are going to roll up our sleeves.  We are going to DEEP DIVE into your life and strategize for results.

This is the DESIGN phase where we build your vision and strategy through the signature BLOOM VISION AND STRATEGY BOOK. ESCAPE is also introduced into the design phase to take you out of your everyday routine to FOCUS ON YOU and eliminate the noise of everyday life.  Remember, we must SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP!

Let’s talk about what this book is all about.  Hummm…So, it is like a vision board? Think deeper, we don’t live a Cosmo life, so we are going to keep the Cosmo clippings aside.  We are going to align with your authentic self vs. material set in the design phase.  In addition, strategy is incorporated to get you THINKING BIG.  BIG in a way that meets fulfillment and truly LIVING a life you love versus just thinking about it.

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