I have approached my vision before with poster board, glue disaster, scissor hands in action with no real set intention.  However, at 40 I wanted a multi-dimensional vision.  One that was not just flat with imagery, but would take on dimension and life through activation.  It needed to breathe, have portability and not hid in a closet, basement or drawer because it looked like a first grader drafted my future.   I owned my vision and wanted something I could display in my house fitting for an adult space vs. college room dorm.  The TIFFANIET BLOOM Vision and Strategy book provides a strong tool for our designing phase.

Convertible Mercedes, sexy lover, trip to Mediterranean… PAUSE – Dive down to your deeper desires – it might be MORE sleep or taking the first steps to leave corporate America to pursue your passion and purpose.  We are going for AUTHENTIC DESIRES. Now, I do have space for LUXE in your vision, but our focus will be on depth vs. shallow fillers.  We will not spend hours flipping through magazines.  Our life in not inside Cosmo – it is REAL! I find the design starts more we WORDS – then you will seek imagery to match your thoughts.

In the design process we address:

  • Commitment
  • Legacy | Purpose
  • Happiness | What really matters?
  • The Power 3

The book builds upon key circles of life:

CONNECTION (Family, friends, associates, community, tribe, support and people you want to meet)

BLISS (What really makes you happy?)

VITALITY (Health, energy, mind, body, spirituality, confidence and self care)

SUCCCESS | Opportunity & Abundance (Career, passion, goals, wealth, prosperity, retirement, charity and professional development)

EXPERIENCE | Lux (Travel, environment, wants vs. needs, luxury)

The design process is constantly evolving and not done in one setting.  It is based on a 12 month visual window and shapes our GPS points.