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BIZ LIFE + PERSONAL LIFE = ONE (Yes one) LIFE!  Stop chasing it all and start living…with results!  Let me guide you through strategic exercises to clear the clutter in every area of your life and start seeing BIG results in less time.  Live a blissful life in every area of your life and yes, you will sleep again too!

  • 2 hour discovery session with pre-work and account set up
  • 4: 2-hour intensive session with The Results Map program: focusing on business and life strategies to get what you want, through perspective, strategy, boundaries, time management and people to get results fast
  • 4 hours of follow-up for review of next steps and questions
  • Unlimited email access for questions and support
  • Full MAP review
  • The Results Map book and workbook
  • Mentoring is a 3 month program

Stop chasing it all & Start living..with results!



  • Are you living life your way or following someone else’s road map?
  • Do you ever feel like you are on a hamster wheel of reaction, repetition and emptiness vs. action to step off and truly embracing living a life of INTENTION, PURPOSE, HAPPINESS & FULFILLMENT?
  • Do you feel held back by fear or indecision?
  • Do you “feel” your ideal life – just feel challenged making it reality?
  • Do you find yourself pouring into others and leaving very little time to invest back into YOU?
  • Shhhhh…do you hear it? That little whisper is telling you that there is MORE?  You have graduated to a new chapter in life but know…THERE IS MORE.  You have MORE to unlock personally and MORE to fuel your legacy?


Are you nodding YES – YES – YES!?  911 SIRENS ARE FLASHING! Yes, this is serious.  One of the most painful diseases one would ever experience is a life not lived to the fullest.  My service to you is not a luxury – it is a necessity. You only get ONE LIFE so NO REGRETS! 

So, let’s take a closer look… If you identify with above, then lend an ear as my glaMOREous LIVING platform is for you and ready to resuscitate. Fasten your seat belt, the life of your dreams is on the way, but we must do a little work first.


Living a beautiful life requires taking the time to create it.   Your life is the most valuable asset you will ever have and few take the time to invest into their vision of WOW and put ACTION behind the dream.

I know you have heard all the buzz and it is NO LONGER a SECRET that visualization practices work and the most powerful mind exercises you can do to turn your goals and dreams into reality!  Oprah, Ellen, Katy Perry all swear by it.  So, why haven’t you designed the life of your dreams?  Did life get in the way for your carving out time to even think about what you really want – what really matters – where you want to go?  Well, what are you waiting for?

I owe it to you to tell you out of the gates, this is a different style of personal growth that veers from the traditional.  We are not going to cry our eyes out until we need cucumbers to stop the swelling and chant our problems away.  Soul is introduced in my brand and I fully support emotion and vulnerability.  Let’s face it – our life is not all glitter.  However, in glaMOREous LIVING we focus on the positive forward vision and solution vs. backpedaling and pain.

Are you rolling your eyes, not another one of these gals that thinks I can visualize it and poof my beautiful life is delivered before me?  Well, don’t roll yet.  I don’t know an abracadabra way to your glamorous future with a sprinkle of manifestation dust.  However, I do have a solid formula that has worked in my life and I can’t wait to share it with you.  But, the real magic is in the strategically planning and the steps of ACTION vs. just design. You are going to SEE IT.  DESIGN IT and YOU will BE IT!


Think of my work as your LIFE GPS.  We are going to program your destination point because let’s face it… you can’t get there if you don’t know where you are going.  Most can’t hit pause long enough to even program their GPS of life.  Then, they wonder why they drove in circles and got lost at dead end roads of emptiness!  GO – GO – GO – REACT – REACT – will not get you to the overlook of WOW.  I often say,  “SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP.”  There is not an auto-pilot function in the GPS of life – once we program the destination you MUST DRIVE putting your hands on the steering wheel, accelerate, roll down the windows and feel the breeze.


I have approached my vision before with poster board, glue disaster, scissor hands in action with no real set intention.  However, at 40 I wanted a multi-dimensional vision.  One that was not just flat with imagery, but would take on dimension and life through activation.  It needed to breathe, have portability and not hid in a closet, basement or drawer because it looked like a first grader drafted my future.   I owned my vision and wanted something I could display in my house fitting for an adult space vs. college room dorm.  The TIFFANIET Vision Book provides a chic tool for our designing phase.


Convertible Mercedes, sexy lover, trip to Mediterranean… PAUSE – Dive down to your deeper desires – it might be MORE sleep or taking the first steps to leave corporate America to pursue your passion and purpose.  We are going for AUTHENTIC DESIRES. Now, I do have space for LUXE in your vision, but our focus will be on depth vs. shallow fillers.

We zone in on 4 Circles of MORE to shape the signature TIFFANIET VISION BOOK


You must show up for your vision.  It is not going to show up without you.  Law of attraction and the law of action.  However, I got ya girl, you are NOT alone in this transformation journey.  I am here to help you in the design phase and push you to the activation.  But, I am very clear – you must take action.  In addition, you will be surrounded by a community of like-minded women also designing and activating their next chapter in life.