I have approached my vision before with poster board, glue disaster, scissor hands in action with no real set intention.  However, at 40 I wanted a multi-dimensional vision.  One that was not just flat with imagery, but would take on dimension and life through activation.  It needed to breathe, have portability and not hid in a closet, basement or drawer because it looked like a first grader drafted my future.   I owned my vision and wanted something I could display in my house fitting for an adult space vs. college room dorm.  The TIFFANIET Vision Book provides a chic tool for our designing phase.


Convertible Mercedes, sexy lover, trip to Mediterranean… PAUSE – Dive down to your deeper desires – it might be MORE sleep or taking the first steps to leave corporate America to pursue your passion and purpose.  We are going for AUTHENTIC DESIRES. Now, I do have space for LUXE in your vision, but our focus will be on depth vs. shallow fillers.

We zone in on 4 Circles of MORE to shape the signature TIFFANIET VISION BOOK