LIFE DESIGN is the signature brand collection by TIFFANIET resulting in UNLOCKING CLAIRITY & SUSTAINABILITY for the busy women! It offers a 360-degree design approach encompassing both life and business because we live ONE LIFE and the two must talk. Yes, you will breathe again and direct your attention and time to what really matters!  Exhale…  It is time to stop reacting and live life with intention.  We build recipe plans – architectural plans – workout plans, but for our most precious asset “our life” when was the last time you designed a plan? It is time to take off the blind fold.  YOU have the power to create the life you want.  Now, more than ever, women are UNLOCKING their purpose and LIVING A LIFE OF MEANING vs. just going through the everyday motions. It is not about time management, but about LIFE MANAGEMENT.  You can have a full life and brilliant success, but it is about strategy, choices, clarity, focus and deliberate daily practices to get out of the noise and activate a life you love vs. regret!

Meet the lady I work with:

Deep breathe…her overdrive could be leading her to this:

She is the “it girl” and everything to everyone– perfectionist – overachiever – A “DOER” – accomplished – DIRECTOR to everything she touches –– over delivers – over commits – a very full plate – a very full heart – high expectations – high delivery – a fantastic business women, wife, girlfriend, dater, mother, aunt, 4-legged caregiver, friend, sister, daughter, sibling, volunteer, neighbor, confidant, fill in the blank…  She excels at everything she touches.  Or, does she? The wheels are starting to wobble!  How long can she go at this pace and keep this up?  It is not sustainable! Her worst nightmare is losing what is most important in the process of overwhelm.

Do you know her?  I do…it was ME! Is it you?  

Are you nodding YES – YES – YES? 911 SIRENS ARE FLASHING! Yes, this is serious. One of the most painful diseases one would ever experience is a life not lived to the fullest.  My service to you is not a luxury – it is a necessity.  You only get ONE LIFE – so NO REGRETS

  • Are you living life your way or following someone else’s road map?
  • Are you present for your loved ones?
  • Are you leaving the legacy you want?
  • Do you ever fell like you are on a hamster wheel of reaction & repetition?
  • Does your life match how you really define success?
  • Do you feel held back by fear or indecision?
  • Do you “feel” your ideal life – just feel challenged in making it reality?
  • Do you find yourself pouring into others and leaving very little time to invest back into YOU?

So, let’s take a closer look… If you identify with the above, then lend an ear as my LIFE DESIGN platform is for you and ready to resuscitate.  Let’s do the work to get you to a place you can sleep, breathe, be happy and rock your SUCCESS & LIFE!  You have a BIG LIFE – don’t wait for the unravel – be committed to DESIGNING A BIG & FULFILLED OUTCOME!  We only get one shot at this beautiful thing called our life!  The sad part is majority of ladies will barely take the time to SEE IT – let alone DESIGN IT and BE IT!  BE THE EXCEPTION!

You might be saying, “But wait Tiffanie, I am already so short on time how can I invest time in me?” REALLY? If you can’t commit to a 4+hours – you risk losing out on the next 4-40+++ years.  Is that worth it? You, your life, your loved ones and your legacy deserve this attention.  LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT FOR!