Oh my gosh…where did the summer go?  Well, I hope you had many special sunny memories with family and friends.  However, guess what…? IT IS NOW TIME FOR YOU!

If you are a mother and packing the school lunch sandwich (Or not – like me) …I want you to stop and think about something. Mother or not, we are ALL IN THE SANDWICH OF LIFE!  In the middle… married or not, divorced or not, aging parents and NEW chapters are unfolding.  That is right – the sandwich generation we are – let’s own it! 

However, I want you to think of what sandwich you will design?  Let’s put the bologna, mayo and white bread away.  It is time to step it up… I am thinking peso, fresh mozzarella, blueberry spread on focaccia (FYI glaMOREous yumminess at Mod Market with $2 glass of wine -I frequent weekly). That is how we all need to be thinking about LIFE!  Zest it up!  You give so much to others, but it is time for YOU! 

As a DESIGNER OF MORE LIVING, I have a passion and purpose to help women LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE NOW!  Alright, I am a little excited…my FALL|WINTER COLLECTION is out and it is all about YOU!  Let’s make 2017 your best year yet!