A new ritual of mine is to escape and hide to SEEK SO MUCH MORE.   Sometimes when you get really busy it is time to HIT PAUSE and step back.  The magic does not take place always at the computer and go – go – go.  Today I laced up my tennis shoes and with no destination map set out for some impromptu discovery.  I found this awesome teepee that I was able to get a little meditation in.  I put my head phones on so books and podcasts can be played and new ideas unfold.  I also enjoy the QUITE space.  BEING STILL IS MAGICAL!  I just take some time out for me.  Intentionally I walk by myself.  I like to get lost my myself, in my thoughts and there is SO MUCH I FIND!  I encourage you to lace up and just see where the steps take you.  No plan, no agenda, just an open mind is the only GPS you need.  It is the new adult game of hide and seek.  You go out and hide from the routine and you SEEK A LOT of power, magic and ideas to bring back to your work and everyday routine.  When you do land back to reality – your productivity is 100X.  Trust the journey – trust the steps.